I’m An Insomniac That Can’t Stay Awake

Finding something to write about when your mind is in a constant state of distraction can be challenging. There are millions of topics I would like to address and share my opinion on, even if it’s just to find some clarity and comfort in my own personal understanding of life issues. I’m realizing more and more that Continue reading “I’m An Insomniac That Can’t Stay Awake”

Weekly Overdose: Nike and Retailers, Reebok’s Logo, Mark Parker Interview

Photograph by Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg
Photograph by Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg

The latest Weekly Overdose…

I found this Tweet interesting considering we started a big White on White campaign not long ago. Coincidence?

Fast CompanyHow Reebok Became The Brand For Crossfit Junkies: “Reebok is embracing the delta because the brand is currently not at the top of people’s minds like the two other big brands in the market.” It hurts me that Reebok is so reactionary and never proactive. At least I have my Iversons…

StyleCan’t Kick The Swoosh: A One-on-One with Nike CEO Mark Parker: Noah Johnson knows.

The Daily BeastHow Sneaker Culture Conquered The World: Good read, good book. Check it out.

BloombergDoes Foot Locker Have Too Many Nikes?: That’s the billion dollar question. Most people think that retailers like Foot Locker have a choice in how much or what they buy. When it comes to Nike, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Nike tells retailers what to buy, how much to buy, how to promote it, and when it can go on sale. The sneaker industry has never been bigger but retailers have never had less control over how they sell Nikes. Too much? Maybe so. But if a retailer’s product is 70-80% Nike, they are never going to risk losing it.

Bottom line, Nike is an incredible business. Keyword: BUSINESS. Keyword: BUSINESS. If it was an issue, Nike would do some “Retail Correcting”. Strictly business.