adidas – All Day I Dream About Stormtroopers

I recently bought my first pair of adidas x Star Wars sneakers, the Rebel Alliance Superstar 2’s (pics coming soon). The details on them are simply amazing and I plan on adding more to my collection as soon as possible. Being a Star Wars fan, I am not really sure what took me so long to get a pair but I think I’m hooked. I started looking on eBay for other Star Wars x adidas and came across what quite possibly could be the coolest thing I have ever seen. Yes, nerdtastic!!!  A fully functional Stormtrooper helmet made out of adidas x Star Wars shoes. Since this will probably go way above my budget, I figured I’d share the link and hope somebody gets to enjoy this for Halloween and it distracts you from the other auctions I am watching 😉



Art From Miami Art Week – Art Basel

Art is such an interesting thing to me, but the one thing that I have always enjoyed about it is that it cannot be defined. Every person’s idea of creativity is completely different. To me  music, writing, photography and design have always been most intriguing, as well as most inspiring. The more I have the opportunity to get to know creative types, the more I tend to pay attention to things outside of my own circle of influence.

One thing I can thank the internet for is being able to see an incredible amount of things that I may have never been afforded otherwise. Miami’s Art Week and more specifically Art Basel has become something I have looked forward to. One day I’ll get to attend but this year wasn’t it. Although there is probably a thousand images that had me in awe while looking through coverage of the event over the last few days. Two things that really stuck with me, most likely because if I could find the creative space and time I would do somethings similar.

Ironically the Skateboard Art from Scope (via CoolHunting) and the Sticker Wall (via Arrested Motion) are neither spectacular, or even beautiful in any way. They are just simple creations that resonate with me because I always have both stickers and a skateboard around me. Someday I’ll have my own sticker wall to have my guests plaster their choice of sticky vinyl to commemorate their visit.

Skateboard Art - Art From Miami Art Week - Art BaselSkateboard Art - Art From Miami Art Week - Art BaselSkateboard Art - Art From Miami Art Week - Art BaselSkateboard Art - Art From Miami Art Week - Art Basel