How to Get Millions of Retweets

Easy! Get Samsung and the Oscars to sponsor you and be as funny as Ellen. Since for most of us that’s not possible, you have to be a little more creative in how you get retweets.

Clients are always asking me how to get more followers and engagement on Twitter. Unfortunately, none of my clients are named Ellen and none are sponsored by Samsung, but there are ways to get people interested in your social outlets without being famous. I’ve managed dozens of Twitter handles ranging from brand new accounts to accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers and can tell you that every account is different but the best practices apply to all of them.

1. Pay attention to the conversation. – The most important thing about managing a Twitter account is paying attention to the conversation at hand. Follow competitors, high profile people in the industry, brands that support the industry or subject matter you’re dealing with and also follow relevant hashtags. By following what’s going on you can become aware of what’s important to your audience, what culturally relevant events are important and what kind of language is used.

2. Talk to people. – You should be able to have casual conversation on any of the subject matters that you see on your timeline. Compliment people, ask questions that show you are interested in their opinions, experiences or stories. If you’re tweeting in the footwear industry, socks, sports and hip hop might be some things you should know about. Whereas if you’re tweeting in the pastries industry, lyrical references probably won’t have much resonance with your audience.

3. Be opinionated. – It’s good to have an opinion and express it but do it in a tasteful way. If you’re just a loud mouth for the sake of ripping into other people, you probably won’t have the account your working on much longer. No matter how funny it is to call people out, the negativity seldom translates into future customers (unless you’re Tesco from the UK).

4. Think about what you retweet. – As much as we are all different, we are all very much the same. We respond to controversy, emotions and passions. If you can include anything that (tastefully) can raise an eyebrow, ruffle feathers, stir the pot, or whatever other analogy floats your boat, you should.

Case in point, the tweet below. On my personal account, most people follow me because of sneakers. The Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red Octobers” released the morning of February 9th and my tweet received over 1,000 retweets despite my account only having 2,600 followers. Here is why it was so successful. (1) This is one of the most buzzworthy sneakers of the past decade. (2) It’s the industry I know very well and the “Yeezus” reference is bigger than sneakers, it ties in another part of the world that many sneaker enthusiasts are passionate about. (3) It’s Kanye West’s sneakers I’m stating an opinion on. (4) Choosing between Kanye and Jesus is about as controversial as it gets.

You can never truly predict the success of a tweet but if you add these four tips to your process, I can all but guarantee that you will see improvements in the engagement levels on your account.

Urban Outlaw: The Perfect Name, The Perfect Passion

As cynical as it sounds, I rarely find anything inspiring on the Internet nowadays. There is plenty of great content out there but in my life experiences, the truly moving and inspiring creations require either a big screen and buttery popcorn, a lot of black and orange, or in-person conversation that cannot be felt through and email or a phone call. Maybe it’s an old school way of thinking or maybe I am just tiring of the repetitive nature that has become the way most of us use the web on a daily basis. Regardless, I still search to find those things that inspire the next stirring of my soul, the very nature of my entrepreneurial existence.

I’ve often thought of myself as an outlaw of sorts (not just because I’m a huge Tupac fan either), in the sense that I don’t see myself having one job all my life, a career in the same field for years, or even living in the same place for an extended time period (at least until I land in SF), which is kind of Rebel Without A Cause-like in a way. With my current city being the incredible New York City, watching the infinite uniqueness of human nature and our inherent behavior to bury our individualities under the expectations of others, I am digging deeper within myself everyday, learning exactly what it is that I want in life. All of the moving, the networking and connecting serves me many purposes, and of course, as the confirmation of the assumptions that everyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook has already determined about me based on their own projections and belief systems. The new faces, places, business ventures, and all of my experiences along the way will shape my creations and passions for the coming years.

With that said, there are some things that will always inspire me. One of those things is curves. The curves of a woman, the curves of the California coastline, the curves of a Porsche and the curves that aren’t physical in nature, the ones that direct you or guide you to your next experience in life. The video below is called Urban Outlaw. I discovered it today while browsing the web. It features all of those curves that I love, minus the woman. The idea to create, to reshape, to rebuild and to beautify, is everything that is entrepreneurial to me and everything that I am about. To take something perfect, add some more passion and have the results be even better and more improved. Perhaps not in the physical sense, but in the sense of the euphoric experience that comes from doing what you love when nobody really understands what it is, the nature of an outlaw, the passion, perfect.