Sin City Savior


Haven’t picked up a pen for months so let me repent, met the angel of death, seemed heaven sent.

Bright brown eyes showed me her soul, light at the end of the tunnel like an eclipse, black hole

Her curves speaking to me like sign language, translated through her eyes, pure anguish

Down the lonely road of poor choices we’re all numb to the sounds of truthful voices

Bury our truth with the nearest vice, they say misery loves company but only for the right price

“Hey Baby, you lookin for love?” Yeah, but the kind of me is uncharacteristic of…

Pick your squalor under these Vegas lights, any escape will do, just trying to wrong my rights

Dodging reality with every bite, no hickies on my neck girl, still got a few nights

Buried in the drunkenness of a sober mind, praying to the devil, this woman’s so damn fine

Praying to God for salvation as she slips on that fur. Money on the night stand. “Call me anytime you’re in town, baby. Love always, Lucifer”

Heart’s Fatigue

You think your eyes tell the story of a life no one knows,
yet in just one look into mine, your journey is told in prose,
a story filled with eloquence, beauty and intrigue,
tales filled with strength and allure to hide your heart’s fatigue.

With artistry and elegance your smile must contain,
the sorrow and the tears of a past filled with pain.
Yes, the armor you wear has helped keep you whole,
but your eyes are the tunnel that lead right to your soul.

When you feel my eyes have seen you in all of your truth,
you fear of those moments in question are all the proof,
that the past wounds and scars are not able to heal,
but through your eyes speaks your soul, “that’s just not real.”