Chase The Truth

If life is what you make it, Is it better to give or take it, I can speak without a sound, but still hear that common ground, I float away in my mind, And just create another rhyme, Chase the truth that ever tales, with a strength that never fails, Take the lessons that I’ve learned, And show the scars that I’ve earned, Made my mistakes along the way, But repeat them again I just may, What appears an elaborate scheme, is simply an undying pursuit of a dream, To create life of love and make it, To the world that tries to erase it.

Dreams Keeping Me Up at Night

It would be incredible if I could somehow record my dreams and play them back. I have been having some vivid dreams, like never before. I can’t sleep, therefore I write- here is a snippet:

As of late it seems, I’ve been losing sleep due to my dreams,

I’d say I don’t know why, but the reason is clear, so I won’t lie,

I let go of my hopes and fears, my mind is still grasping tears,

Praying for release of your clench, but nothing comes close to quench,

Should have never fell for the nectar, cause now I’m in a mess called your spectre,

I guess I need to find a successor, but I get tired of being the aggressor,

Battling between my heart and head, so I let it go, got a new plan instead,

Done trying to right the wrongs, it’s time for me to write some new songs.

More to come… I’ve been really sleepless.

Tears Roll Down…

Tears roll down to my feet,
Internal battles bury me,
Bury me way to deep,
And only I can see…

How these tears shape me,
How these days make me,

But now they seem to have cleared my vision,
Maybe even gave me some new wisdom,
The tears seem to be flooding my feet,
Washing away the dirt of my mind that seems to have buried me…

Tears running down to cleanse my view,
Tears running down to cleanse me anew.

As the tears clean my view,
I am able to see
That nothing has buried me,
Other than my own mentality…

I’ve got some really good ideas for this one… =)