Urban Outlaw: The Perfect Name, The Perfect Passion

As cynical as it sounds, I rarely find anything inspiring on the Internet nowadays. There is plenty of great content out there but in my life experiences, the truly moving and inspiring creations require either a big screen and buttery popcorn, a lot of black and orange, or in-person conversation that cannot be felt through and email or a phone call. Maybe it’s an old school way of thinking or maybe I am just tiring of the repetitive nature that has become the way most of us use the web on a daily basis. Regardless, I still search to find those things that inspire the next stirring of my soul, the very nature of my entrepreneurial existence.

I’ve often thought of myself as an outlaw of sorts (not just because I’m a huge Tupac fan either), in the sense that I don’t see myself having one job all my life, a career in the same field for years, or even living in the same place for an extended time period (at least until I land in SF), which is kind of Rebel Without A Cause-like in a way. With my current city being the incredible New York City, watching the infinite uniqueness of human nature and our inherent behavior to bury our individualities under the expectations of others, I am digging deeper within myself everyday, learning exactly what it is that I want in life. All of the moving, the networking and connecting serves me many purposes, and of course, as the confirmation of the assumptions that everyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook has already determined about me based on their own projections and belief systems. The new faces, places, business ventures, and all of my experiences along the way will shape my creations and passions for the coming years.

With that said, there are some things that will always inspire me. One of those things is curves. The curves of a woman, the curves of the California coastline, the curves of a Porsche and the curves that aren’t physical in nature, the ones that direct you or guide you to your next experience in life. The video below is called Urban Outlaw. I discovered it today while browsing the web. It features all of those curves that I love, minus the woman. The idea to create, to reshape, to rebuild and to beautify, is everything that is entrepreneurial to me and everything that I am about. To take something perfect, add some more passion and have the results be even better and more improved. Perhaps not in the physical sense, but in the sense of the euphoric experience that comes from doing what you love when nobody really understands what it is, the nature of an outlaw, the passion, perfect.

My Morning Commute Sucks, Thanks @pLmotorsport

I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to figure out how to avoid the stereotypical “American Way” and its 9-5 work hours. I don’t function efficiently during those hours, no matter how much I am paid or how much I convince myself I can, it just doesn’t happen. Instead, my “commute” has been altered to fit my own ever-changing schedule and means of transportation, whether it be my skateboard or BMX.

Today, however, one of my favorite racecar drivers has completely ruined my idea of the perfect morning commute with this video. Never again will I be happy with lackadaisically meandering to the corner coffee spot …ok well, maybe sometimes, but Patrick Long, Porsche factory driver of my favorite race team, Flying Lizard Motor Sports has a pretty kick-ass “commute” to deal with, almost makes me jealous, even if the coffee gets cold. I’ll be making coffee at Laguna Seca this weekend however, just like I have been for American Le Mans events for the last ten years or so, and the coffee… it won’t be cold. Go Lizards!