Yet Another Uneducated Post About Jeremy Lin

Check your sources.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen me say this at least 6 gajillion and two times. It’s relevant in every aspect of life but it’s even more important in today’s world, where a single retweet of less than 140 characters can be taken and turned into a matter of fact article by “trusted” sources.

Jeremy Lin has been a Bay Area sensation for much longer than the “Linsanity” that most people know him for. After leading Palo Alto High School to a title, he headed to Harvard, one of only two schools that offered him a guaranteed spot on the basketball team, Brown University being the other. Sadly for anyone who saw him play in High School, the choice to play in the Ivy League distanced him from the Pac-12 schools that would most locals would have liked to see him attend. Lin himself even had dreams of playing for Stanford or UCLA. Nonetheless, after a successful 4 years at Harvard, the Bay Area’s golden child returned home when the Golden State Warriors offered him a contract. Lin only appeared in about 30 games as a Warrior but, as can be expected, was greeted by cheers at every entrance. Then, the Lockout came, salary cap room was needed for somebody name DeAndre Jordan, yada yada yada, Lin gets cut by the Warriors.

Fast forward through Linsanity, a successful run with the New York Knicks, where suddenly everyone outside of the Bay Area also saw Jeremy Lin’s potential, and Lin becomes the most marketable player the NBA has seen since LeBron James. Maybe even more so, considering Lin’s popularity in China could very well reach the levels of Yao Ming, who coincidentally tried to recruit Lin to play in the Chinese Basketball Association.

This off-season has already been filled with insanity, without Jeremy Lin. Speculations of every free agent in the league and potential trades have only been slightly interrupted buy Team USA’s pre-Olympics training, which consists of belittling every country possible on the basketball court in true American fashion.

Despite the rumors, it’s still Jeremy Lin that seems to have the hearts of writers and, er, “basketball fans” if you want to call them that. Most of my regular reading is not about basketball, however, Jeremy Lin has infiltrated the sites I frequent like GQMashable and Fortune. All of them have a “unique” perspective on Jeremy Lin and the effects of his choice to play for the Houston Rockets, a team he had already signed with before he signed with New York, mind you.Jeremy Lin is Too Trill For Texas.

Let’s break down the three articles, and the way the perspective is swayed ever-so-slightly like a palm tree in a Florida hurricane.

GQ Magazine: The Cool Perspective: The New York Knicks letting Jeremy Lin walk out the door—for nothing—was the dumbest decision in the history of professional sports.” 

Nothing says cool like Mr. Popular and whatever Mr. Popular says leads the high school team to victory and the whole team can have a bro moment together. Don’t forget your varsity jacket and class ring, Hahvard.

Mashable: The Tech-Savvy Perspective: “Linsanity as we know it is over. But what will come next?”

On to the next trend, clearly Mashable is on top of everything, even the things that haven’t happened yet. Already forgetting about Linsanity and hoping to guess the next wave. The Texas trill, hunnid, wordplay escapes me at the moment but i hope the next trend combines Lin, ridin’ slabs and tippin on 84’s because anything would be better than the “everything is bigger in Texas” jokes that are bound to fill my Twitter timeline this coming NBA season. (He’s clearly got the crunk look down in this ESPY picture.)

Fortune: The Be About Your Business Perspective: “The surprise loser in the Linsanity’s Texas-sized switch isn’t New York or Houston — it’s the league itself.”

Raining on parades in July? Fortune killed any hope for the future of ANYONE. We will have no fun; we are all going to die. Thanks guys, we realize that disregarding the excitement factor of sports is the best way to focus on your money. No need to remind us that “Fact is, the NBA is better off with Jeremy Lin playing than not playing at all,” because we all know the League needs help. Have you seen the Bobcats? Worse yet, MJ’s jeans? Don’t worry, Mr. Stern has the draft all aligned the way he wants.

Is there a point to this stupid story? (Word to Mr Belding.)

Yes, I think.

We all know Jeremy Lin has the potential to be the biggest basketball star in the world because of his ethnicity. It’s easy to get excited about the pure passion he brings to the game no matter where you come from. The way he takes energy from the crowd and reciprocates it is reminiscent of all the great, exciting and entertaining players.

While you’re reading all of the stories, headlines, tweets and hearsay around whether or not the move to Houston is the right choice for Jeremy Lin, or whether the New York Knicks made the biggest mistake in the history of the world, I encourage you to do one thing.

Enjoy watching someone who loves playing the game. There is a shortage of players that truly play for the love of the game and are not swayed by friends, family, money or bling. Jeremy Lin is one of those players, and that’s what makes everyone want to talk about him. Long live Linsanity.



adidas Player Exclusives: Michael Beasley B-Easy

After the Beasley Classic last week and a new countersuit, B-Easy aka Michael Beasley seems to be all over the place in the news. Which makes it good timing for my latest #TCA pickup, unfortunately they were a dollar and fifty cents more than my Dwyane Wade Converse PEs. $7.49 cents later, I have a fresh new pair of size 18 adidas player exclusives designed for “Mr. I Can’t Stay Out Of Trouble Or Conflict Even With Millions In The Bank” while he was down in South Beach playing for the Miami Heat. The troubled Beasley is one of my favorite players to watch in the league, despite his off court drama. He’s one of those guys that found the one thing in life that he’s incredibly good at and despite everything he’s gone through, is a solid player in the NBA.

The countersuit against his former agent is a sad step that has to be taken by Beasley, who was essentially stalked by Joel Bell as a teen. Ironically, had Joel not sued Beasley in the first place for signing with adidas after Beasley terminated their contract, all of his courting through Beasley’s teenage years would have probably been gone and forgotten. Sure, Bell probably helped Beasley by giving him a home. I can relate to that more than most people know but come on, 13 years old and you’re trying to position yourself to become the kid’s agent a decade later? Even if he was touring the area with Kevin Durant, that’s just wrong in my opinion. Maybe there should be some sort of statutory agent law?

I wouldn’t wish bad things upon anyone but I wouldn’t be surprised to see karma really play a role in the future of Bell an his company. It’s disturbing to think about how many people have done the same with other athletes. As stated by Dan Wetzel, “all in all it’s a wild, yet common tale.” My thoughts exactly, imagine if LeBron James had failed to become the icon that he is, Leon Rose would probably be in a similarly awkward position.

The only thing all of this really equates to is that the lockout needs to end because now even Allen Iverson wants to play in the league again!

For those scoring at home: 6 Degrees of Separation from an AI comeback. Bonus points for the Kevin Durant cameo.

Joel Bell->Curtis Malone->Michael Beasley->LeBron James->Leon Rose->Allen Iverson

Oh, those adidas PE’s are the TS Bounce Commander from 2009. Almost forgot the reason for my rambling.

adidas Player Exclusive: Michael Beasley TS Bounce Commander "B-Easy"
adidas Player Exclusive: Michael Beasley TS Bounce Commander "B-Easy" PEadidas Player Exclusive: Michael Beasley Bounce Commander "B-Easy"


How To Blow Over $200 Million Dollars Playing Baseball

The only thing that’s certain in life is death and taxes…and the Yankees being in the mix when it comes to late season baseball. Last night the Bronx Bombers got clawed out of the postseason by a bunch of  eager and hungry Tigers from Detroit. Though I’d like to say that lack of enthusiasm from the fare-weather fans in New York were the reason for the loss, it’s more than likely that the fans in Detroit are probably hungrier for a winning sports franchise than most cities in the United States (reminds me of someone I know from last season). They’ve gone through hard times both economically, and as far as sports goes, for quite a while now.

The Lions haven’t had a winning season since we were all celebrating survival of Y2K catastrophe in 2000. The Pistons might not even get a chance to play this year thanks to the NBA Lockout but even if they do, it doesn’t look bright. And as for the Tigers, they haven’t won a World Series since 1984.

With last night’s win over the Yankees, according to FUNGraphs, the Tigers can celebrate both economic growth (well, sort of, actually they just cut spending) and their first postseason series win since 2006. The Yankees on the other hand, should just be considered the Paris Hilton’s of Major League Baseball, they’re all clean cut, clean shaven and may look good in pictures, but when it comes down to it, as my friend Chedda said, A-Rod spelled backwards is Dora and they probably would have done just as well with her at the plate with the game on the line.

As for Minnesota and Houston, apparently you’ve done something to upset the Baseball Gods because this season, your teams qualify as the other Hilton paying that much to lose.

Major League Baseball Cost Per Win Statistics 2011Major League Baseball Cost Per Win Statistics 2011 (Click for Full Size Image)