Formula 1 Circuit of the Americas – Austin Texas

Circuit of the Americas - Formula 1 in Austin, Texas by Red Bull Racing

My friends over at @whtcollarcrime just sent over this new Red Bull video of the Circuit of the Americas. I figured since the rest of Formula 1 seems to be bowing down to Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing this season, I may as well tip my cap to them as well. Red Bull is one of the best at creative marketing, and if you’re a race fan, this 6 minutes is well worth your time. One of the things I respect the most about Red Bull’s approach to most of their digital strategy is their ability to pull in local pieces and community into their global efforts. The Mississippi River skate park is a good example of that, in that you get to know the reason, and the importance of it to the local Red Bull athletes, Huckleberry Finn style.

Austin, Texas, is an amazing city, and after living there for a year, I’m happy to see the economy there stil prospering, and even happier to see Formula 1 return to the US. Hopefully there won’t be any cowboys wrangling race cars next November though, I don’t think Red Bull can give you wings to get out of the way of F1.

As if we needed any more reason anticipation, right? Enjoy.

Circuit of the Americas – Formula 1 Racing in Austin, Texas by Red Bull Racing