Brian Wilson’s Nike Air Max 95 iD

Noticed these before tonight’s San Francisco Giants game against the Dodgers and thought I would look for a couple of pictures. Turns out these are the same Nike Air Max 95’s Brian Wilson wore earlier this season at a game I was able to be at in San Francisco, when the Giants raised the 2010 World Series Champions flag. Though my favorite iD’s of his are still the Air Max 90’s with the quake print, like wearing the Air Mags on the field, I have to give him props, for not only making iD’s in the first place but for sticking with them for a while. Considering a lot of professional athletes opt for a new pair of shoes every game, it’s good to some wear ad tear being put on them.

Brian WIlson's Nike Air Max 95 iD White/OrangeSan Francisco Giants pitcher, Brian WIlson’s White/Orange Nike Air Max 95 iD Image by Ezra Shaw.

San Francisco Giants pitcher, Brian WIlson's White/Orange Nike Air Max 95 iD San Francisco Giants pitcher, Brian WIlson’s White/Orange Nike Air Max 95 iD photo by Stephen Dunn.


Brian Wilson x Marty McFly x SF Giants

Considering I am obsessed with sneakers and the San Francisco Giants, it’s probably no surprise to anyone that knows me, or reads my blog, knows that I’m also obsessed with Brian Wilson. Though I can definitely appreciate the man’s beard farming abilities, I’ve been slightly preoccupied with his choice of footwear since I noticed some nice iD’s on his feet a while back and he sported all orange cleats from the Boom Pack, pre-beard at the All-Star Game. I suppose it’s also easy for me to relate to someone so uncontrollably awesome. Brian Wilson’s Nike collection moved up on the scale (along with his awesomeness) when he wore one of the two pairs of the Nike Air Mags that he won, on the field for the game on Friday, September 16th. Check out the pictures below I posted on Twitter.

Note: I’m still looking for a Boom Pack if you have a lead on one please let me know. Thanks to @xBRICHx for giving me credit on his post, and for the guys at SBNation for updating their post when I contacted them. It’s greatly appreciated.

Brian Wilson wears the Nike Air Mag from Back to the Future on the field for the San Francisco Giants.

Brian Wilson's Nike Obsession, The Nike Air Mag from Back to the Future, on field.

Brian Wilson’s Orange Nikes – A Healthy Obsession

I am not sure when being a fan becomes an obsession but I am pretty sure it happened at least 30 years ago for me when I began speaking with words like “Go Gi Gi’s!”

Over the years, the obsession has filled my closets with orange sneakers, and my dresser drawers with orange and black t-shirts. All of which has come to culmination with the arrival of Brian Wilson to the San Francisco Giants. Although, culmination probably isn’t the proper term, considering who I am. I have been obsessed with both baseball and sneakers since the beginning of my days on earth. With baseball taking slight advantage in the length of the obsession, only because i was able to swing a wiffle ball bat, wrapping paper tube, or any other object that could be swung at incoming pitches, was slightly easier than learning to tie my sneakers.

Nevertheless, Brian Wilson’s return from the disabled list and return the mound at the most beautiful baseball field ever built, AT&T Park, meant the return of Brian Wilson’s sneakers, which has caused me to stray from my daily job requirements of talking about sneakers, in order to…well, yeah…talk about sneakers.

Although I don’t have as much Irish in my background as Wilson, who recently rocked some green Nike’s for St. Patrick’s Day, the little bit of Irish in me can respect the green choice. However, my heart will always be hooked on the orange and black of the San Francisco Giants.

The Giants raised the 2010 World Series Championship flag at the park today, and although Wilson had a disappointing outing, he did have on some impressive new footwear.

As the Mr. Fear-the-Beard delivered a speech and subsequently the new flag to its new home in the outfield, I noticed a new pair of kicks on his feet, a pair of white and orange Nike Air Max 95 iDs (though his Air Max 90 iD was better). He later entered the game wearing Nike’s similar to those that got him fined by the MLB last season, although they might appear to be redone with updated Sharpie work, they are in fact a new Player Exclusive version from Nike Baseball, NOT from… although you can come pretty close 😉

Go Giants!

Brian Wilson heads out to raise the World Series Championship banner wearing a pair of Nike Air Max 95 iD's.Photo by Justin Sullivan

Brian Wilson raises the World Series Championship banner wearing a pair of Nike Air Max 95 iD's.Photo by Justin Sullivan

And couple more of those Air Max 90s for good measure…

Brian Wilson's San Francisco inpired Black & Orange "HUFQuake" print Air Max 90 iD.Photo by Doug Pensinger

Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants in custom Nike Air Max 90 sneakers.
Photo by Ronald Martinez