Best Cleats of the MLB Postseason: Nelson Cruz New Balance 1103

As a San Francisco Giants fan I became familiar with Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers last postseason during the World Series. This season he seems to be a home run machine carrying the Rangers through the postseason and now just one win away from the team’s second consecutive World Series appearance. Not bad for a team that fell into bankruptcy a couple years ago and never made it to the World Series in the first nearly 50 years of the franchise. I’m cheering for them this year since the Giants are out of it, and because Nelson Cruz has some of the best player exclusive cleats in the game.

If New Balance created the 1103 as a turf shoe, the way a lot of the trainers from the late 90’s and early 200o’s were released, better believe I’d be grabbing a pair of each colorway. The details are awesome, especially the design of the heel ares. The colorways are both solid as well. The grey based version is especially nice. I really like the secondary overlays and how the colors accent each other. Normally I’m not much on New Balance outside of their running silhouettes and heritage but I think this is an arena they could actually jump into and find success.

Nelson Cruz blasts one of his 2011 postseason home runs wearing the New Balance 1103 PE cleats.

Making of the Crooked Tongues x New Balance 1500

I haven’t looked forward to a sneaker release like this in a very long time. Black and Orange New Balance 1500. The only thing that might be higher up on my dream list would be an Orange and Black Air Jordan 4. Other than that, I can’t think of anything. Favorite colorway on a top 5 shoe design of all-time for me. Definitely need a pair, or two, or three. Props to Crooked Tongues.

New Balance Experience Store NYC

It’s been a long since I first begged New Balance for an Experience Store in the US.  Even though I’ve been slacking on my bloggin’ (at least here), New Balance has fulfilled that wish three times over now. After opening Experience Stores in both their home in Boston, and one in Washington DC, they’ve recently opened up a third store in New York City.

The concept of these stores is a great direction for any brand in my opinion, but especially for a company with as much history as New Balance. It seems like there is a general disappointment by consumers in the way standard retail environments lack enthusiasm and knowledgeable staff, which is understandable on many levels, after all, standing in a store all day for minimum wage-like pay, doesn’t appeal to many people, even if they can hook their friends up. Taking pride in presentation and delivery of your products goes a very long way. The world may be infatuated with 140 character limits and everyone trying to be the first to show things, but as a buyer or a seller of any product or service, it’s the rapport with whoever delivers the information that really determines the value.

I’m looking forward to getting a chance to check out a New Balance Experience Store in person, hopefully soon.

You’ll have to check out Vagrant Sneaker for the rest of the pictures and some unbelievable info on the custom shoe program at this location.

New Balance Experience Store New York City USNew Balance Experience Store NYC