RIP Tupac Amaru Shakur…

Over ten years since you last hollered for us to hear you.
Nobody real enough since has taught us how to stay true.
Changed my life with your words from so far away.
All my loved ones know you’re still ridin’ with me today.
How could you speak to me, not even from the hood?
Cause you spoke from the heart, of truth and what’s good.
They say real recognize real, that’s how it is you know.
I never met you but I cried the day the Lord said you had to go.
I’m still strugglin’ down here trying to figure it out.
I picture you rollin’ throwin’ up the dub, any time i’m in doubt.
I don’t care if nobody ever understands, to me you’re an angel not merely a man.
In your honor on this your birthday, I’m sending love out to you, your family, and friends tonight as I pray.

Rest In Peace…
Happy Birthday…
Tupac Amaru Shakur…You are missed.